Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Talking Head Coach

I'm going to do an interview with designer Josh Looman about his experience being a part of the HC team, what the team learned, what they wish they had done different, etc.

If you have any questions for Josh -- let me know.


Jayhawker said...

I would love to know about the future of Head Coach. Will we see online franchise play, a la FBPro?

Will it come to the PC?

Will this be an annual game, or will it a be every couple of years? I would ove to see sports games go on a 2-3 year cycle, rather than seeing them force features in every year.

Devster said...

I'd like to know about support for future years - roster updates in years there aren't releases (assuming it goes on a every couple years release).

Also wouldn't mind knowing if they had to cut things to meet the immovable "maddenoliday" release date, or if it meant any extra pressures on the team.

It's probably moot to ask now if the Sept 4th release have the same code base as the one packed in with Madden Collectors edition (i.e. pressed from the same disc or whatever).