Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Major Scare

For OSU fans today was potentially catastrophic.

When Beanie Wells fell to the ground in the 3rd quarter grabbing his foot and writhing in obvious pain -- my heart sank. First, because Beanie is a hell of a kid who everyone loves being around and he was so thrilled that he was finally 100% -- which he never was last season. Second, because without him, OSU's chance of playing in the BCS title game is slim. Possible, but slim.

Turns out Wells has a minor injury that might sideline him next week but he should be ready to go by USC.

I've been watching football for a lot of years but how many times have you seen a player helped off the field, carted into the locker with a towel covering his face, and then watch him return walking on his own power (in a walking boot) and chatting with his teammates'? It was surreal.

By all accounts Wells is going to be OK which is a huge relief to him I'm sure, as well as every Buckeye fan.

Oh, yeah, and That Terrelle Pryor kid -- he's got a shade of talent.

As for Michigan, sorry Todd. It's gonna be a long year bud.