Friday, August 8, 2008

Sticks and Stones -- Without the Sticks

Well, my eyes work. Woo for eyes!

After going to the eye doctor -- as an aside, my eye doctor is in a band. They just signed to a label. How cool is that? I love going to get my eyes checked because he always has these new bands for me to listen to via eMusic. It's, "Can you read the lowest line on the chart? Oh, we're playing a gig next weekend at a coffeehouse, bring the family. "

Anyway here's the MySpace page for The Smith Bros. No idea why they're called that because my doctor's name of Dollenmayer. Musicians.

Oh, yeah, stones. After my trip to see the Rock and Roll Eye Doctor we went and picked out a ton (literally) of Flagstones for the walkway. They're to be delivered today so that oughta be a blast to do.

With all that going on, and my eyes being dilated I played zero Madden and Head Coach yesterday. Sorry. But today I plan on playing the next game in the Madden franchise to see if I can continue to keep the CPU QBs in check.