Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Madden: Browns 24 Steelers 17

Head Coach freaks -- please be patient. I do plan on getting back to that today. I'm just messing with Madden trying to find the right balance, and I think I'm slowly getting there. The light is starting to come on a bit. Now, that doesn't mean you won't see the AI do boneheaded stuff because you will. The late game oddities are going to need a patch to fix, imo. Hopefully Ian and the team can tweak the AI for a patch just like the NCAA team is attempting to do.

But here's the Steelers game stats after a few more slider tweaks.

DA: 19/26 260 2 TD 1 INT
Ben: 15/26 148 0TD 1 INT

Lewis: 23 carries 86 yards
Parker 21 carries 103 yards

Pretty darn good, really. Of course the game isn't all about stats, but this was pretty tense. Playing Man to Man and even certain Combo defenses are the key, I think, to stopping RoboQB. I didn't call one zone. That, and I am learning to swat passes away as the DB. Still hard to do, but I'm getting better at it. I mean look...15/26 for 148? Hell if anything that's not good enough.

Oh, and my buddy had a good idea about the Rewind feature. Now I know on its face that's sort of an odd feature, but maybe that's a good way to institute home field advantage? I've played boardgames that did similar things and maybe give the home team 1 Rewind and if a team is REALLY good at home give them 3? (You can't give a team 2 which is ...strange.)