Monday, August 11, 2008

CNN on Madden

You think game sites are sorta "easy" on sports games? Well, check out CNN's review of Madden. I have absolutely no problem with a critic calling a game a Must Buy, even if I personally don't agree with it. Reviews are like, well, everyone has one...

But read that review. There is ZERO evaluation in it. It's a regurgitation of the PR Fact Sheet. Point by point down the list: easy for newbies, feature by feature -- but without any discussion of whether or not the person writing the article LIKES it -- or why. See, if this was a movie review it would get rejected by any editor worth a damn. Batman is awesome because it has The Joker!

But it's games.

And editors consider it trash reporting and bank on the fact that the people won't actually, you know, care.

I rarely lob hate grenades at other reviews but frigging CNN? Aren't they like the first name in news or something? And this is the best they can do?