Sunday, August 10, 2008

The First Real Head Coach Issue?

I'm going to verify this with Josh on Monday but there seems to be a bug with injuries. I don't know if they are limited to injuries suffered in preseason or not, which is what I need to find out from Josh.

Basically, no one is healing. I started to sim my season to see some stats and how the league was shaping up and McGinest, Dorsey and Winslow are all still out and we're now into Week 5. These players were all hurt Week 1 Preseason and only McGinest's injury should have lasted this long.

It's the same with CPU teams. No one is healing. Every player on the Injury List has no season stats which leads me to believe these happened in the preseason.

I'll get an update posted as soon as I hear from the Head Coach team as to any potential workarounds, if they're aware of this, etc.