Sunday, August 3, 2008

Draft Over -- Notes

The draft is over, I really went fast for the last 5 rounds but you could spend friggin days doing the draft. I spent an hour just putting my draft board together and I wasn't done, I just wanted to get to the draft

Now, there are things that I see that I think are odd. It could be a value thing but the Giants took a QB in the 3rd round, which was weird, and the Packers took Brian Brohm in the 2nd, I guess signaling that Aaron Rogers can get bent. Or do they plan on a 2nd round pick being a bench player? Not sure what's up there. I didn't look at Rogers ratings...maybe he sucks?

Edit: I was reminded that in real life the Packers actually DID take Brohm! How's that for irony?

Other notables:


Drafted Mendenhall in round 1 and followed that up with RB Kevin Smith out of UCF in round 2. After that they stole DT Sims from Auburn and then took Justin King out of Penn State. That 2nd HB pick is a head scratcher.

Miami took Chad Henne in round 2 and then another QB in rnd 6.

The Rams took Dennis Dixon in rnd 3 and then the QB from San Diego in rnd 4. (Dixon groomed as a Slash type player?)

Atlanta took Matt Ryan and then serial killer John David Booty in round 5. Sorry, that dude has a serial killer name.

Philly drafted 2 wide outs in the 2nd round (not too strange) but then took a FB in both rounds 5 and 6.

On the whole, the draft AI looks to be a million times better than Madden and most games, even some good text games, have draft AI that's a bit odd at times. But the above picks are the ones that stood out as a tad strange. Overall, not too bad! I still don't like the multiple QB picks, but compared to Madden this is a lot better.

Plus, the draft was a total blast.