Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Head Coach Rosters and Stats

The roster update is ready on XBL.

Oh -- before I forget thanks to all that let me know about the formatting issues of the Madden review. All fixed. Damn database.

I've been simming seasons in HC today to get a final feel for how the stats are going to look year in and year out. There's good and bad, but next year I hope the team fine-tunes this part of the game. It's passable. But, well, you'll see what I mean.

In the 5 years simmed every season one QB either breaks the 5,000 yard mark or flirts with it. Same with WRs -- every year someone either breaks Rice's receiving yards record or comes damn close. The high end stats are HIGH. Reggie Wayne's 114 catch 2100 yard season was eye popping but someone does that almost every year.

Rushing numbers look good. Sacks are ok, too.

The biggest issue I have with the stats are the QB ratings and interceptions.

There are way too many picks each year. On average you'll have about 20 QBs throw at least 19 or 20 picks a year. And usually 3-5 throw at least 30 -- one year Brees threw *40* picks. That is obscene. The low end stats are just BRUTAL. It's very common for the low rung QBs to hover around a 45 QB rating. Tavaris Jackson one season had 41 INTs and followed that up the next year with a 41 TD 26 INT season where he threw for 4600 yards. It's just bit scattered.

Trent Edwards of Buffalo ended 2009 with a 48.3 rating. 12 TDs and 33 INTs and like a 48% completion rate. Ouch. At what point does Buffalo just bench this guy? Walter in Oakland had a 48. Chad Henne a 51.

The QBs are by far the most odd looking stats wise and everything else looks pretty good. But the screws do need some tightening.

These tests were all PRE roster update. Dunno if that will do anything or not.