Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Head Coach Salary Bug Workaround

This is a pretty crazy bug that some people (including me) have seen.

Here's the deal and the workaround thanks to Dan Bekins at EA:

I've confirmed the salary bug, and have come up with a workaround.I'd like to say thanks for everyone's patience on all of the issues we've had so far. This bug sucks, and the bottom line is that we have no excuse for it.

=== The bug ===

After loading a career, free agents and players with expiring contracts will request huge salaries.

=== The cause ===

Some statistical data is failing to initialize properly after loading a career.

=== The workaround ===

The easiest rule of thumb is to always save on Friday night. The bad data will be correctly recalculated in time for the next round of signings. The following are also safe, with noted exceptions (for the exceptions, save your game on Friday night):

* Immediately before and/or after your game, unless it's a Thursday game.

* Saturdays and Sundays, except in preseason week 4 (uggh).During the off season, it is always safe to save on Saturday and/or Sunday and this will solve all issues.During the season, this will solve all re-signing issues and 99% of free agency issues.

=== Notes ===

A good rule of thumb is to save when the "Game Reminder" comes up before your game, and/or when the "Box Score" comes up after your game. The only exception to this is Thursday games. Don't use autosave. It unfortunately saves on Tuesday morning, which is the worst time to save in regards to this bug. The issue is loading, not saving. If you save in the middle of the week, don't worry. Just play on until the weekend and save again.I take full responsibility for this bug. It's unacceptable. I hope that the workaround is not too hard to keep in mind and is sufficient to keep the game fun.