Sunday, August 3, 2008

NFL Head Coach 2008 Draft Round 1

I'm dead to the world tired right now but here's how round 1 went.

  1. Mia - Long LT
  2. Stl - Gholston - OLB (I still think listing him as an OLB is wrong, dude never played a snap standing up at OSU)
  3. Atl - Ryan - QB
  4. Oak - Dorsey - DT
  5. KC - Long DE
  6. Trade offer from the Jets. They want my 4th round pick this year and my 1st in 2009 and my 2nd in 2009. I pass. New England makes a deal and jumps in here and takes McFadden RB. With Maroney already there? McFadden is bad ass and is great value, but I dunno about that one Mr. Belichick.
  7. Jets via another trade - Flacco QB (based on the ratings of Clemens and Pennington, not a bad pick plus it pisses off Baltimore which is ALWAYS a good thing. Maybe a reach at 8, though. We'll have to see how the ratings look later.
  8. Bal - Ellis - DE
  9. Cin - McKelvin - CB
  10. N.O. - Rivers - OLB
  11. Trade offer from Buffalo . I give up my 5th round pick this year and my 1st and 4th in 2009. Done. I take DE Harvey
  12. Den - Mayo - LB
  13. Caro - Clady - LT
  14. Chi - Albert - LG
  15. NE (via trade) Talib - CB (ok this was a great move)
  16. Dallas (via trade) Mendenhall - RB
  17. KC - Jenkins - CB
  18. Hou - Balmer - DT
  19. Balt (via trade) Felix Jones - RB
  20. Tampa - Cromartie - CB
  21. Wash - Otah - RT
  22. Den (via trade) Johnson - RB - the East Carolina sleeper)
  23. Pit - Cherilus - RT
  24. Tenn - Keller - TE
  25. Atl (via trade) Carlson - TE
  26. Jax - Williams - LT
  27. SD - Baker - LT
  28. Buf (via trade) Cason - CB
  29. San Fran - Jackson - DE
  30. GB - Flowers - CB
  31. NYG - Phillips - SS

Surprise players left on the board

Jonathon Stewart out of Oregon is still on the board...a green room tragedy!

Lots of trading. I received no fewer than 5 offers during the first rnd and I don't see anything that stands out as egregiously bad. Fans of specific teams might be able to help more with that. Unlike Madden where team needs are nowhere in the cards, this does seem to track what a team needs somewhat -- a few picks I thought were bad, but hey, that's the draft, right?

I'll report how the rest of the draft goes when it's done.

This is going to take a while. :)