Monday, August 4, 2008

Quick Update: Browns/Giants Preseason game #2

Just a quick update; playing against the Giants in preseason game #2, end of the first quarter and this game feels *nothing* like the Jets game. 7-0 Giants.

Cribbs fumbled the opening kickoff. Giants had 3rd and 14 on the 25 and I went into a Quarter defense and that forced Eli to throw short to the HB. Sean Jones had to make a play, and he whiffed on the tackle and Droughns took it 25 yards for a score.

There is a feeling of great frustration when you are sitting there watching your guys fail to make plays. It's frustrating but in a very good way. It has to be what a coach feels like. Damn it Jones

Anyway the Browns are flustered. We've fumbled three times in the first quarter, Anderson just threw an INT on the goal line, and again it looked extremely realistic. Anderson dropped back (we were at the 20) and Edwards ran a post and the Giants safety (Phillipps) was playing center field and came out of nowhere to pick it off. This was not your "canned Madden pick" animation. The safety caught the INT on the run, running towards Edwards. Looked very realistic.

I have -5 rushing yards so far. Lewis had huge holes against the Jets but running on the Giants is proving...different.

The draft and FA stuff is fun, no doubt, but coaching the games is truly fabulous. For example, I could see Manning going through reads. On one play he looked at Burress and then moved down his progressions.

When Anderson threw his pick he was 100% locked on Braylon. You could see it. He had Lewis open on a swing pass and had no intention of doing that. It was going to Braylon, no matter what. And it was picked. Really, really cool stuff.