Tuesday, August 5, 2008


You know, there is a downside to living in rural Ohio.

No, really.

There is. I know it sounds crazy you don't have to tell me...but I mean it.

When the folks at EA invite you to a big ol' press event in California to see NBA Live, FIFA, and a lot of other EA stuff and you can't find a way to get there--it sorta sucks.

I was really impressed with the NBA Live E3 demo and while I am well aware that E3 demos are the demon seed of Davy Jones when it comes to actual game evaluation...it was a damn good E3 demo. And I really want to see how the game looks now. But...Ohio.

I miss out on a lot of that stuff which is a frustrating part of living where I do doing what I do for a living. I've been writing about games either as a freelancer or as an editor as a full time gig for about 13 years now. Good lord did I just type that? I really do need to find a real job one of these days. But doing that in the Heartland of America is especially tough. Game companies don't live out here. I'm looking out my window right now from my office and I see some deer. (Seriously...three deer are outside) and a lot of trees and my neighbor's horses are always in plain sight, too. It's getting late, they should be put in by now.

I don't see any videogame companies.

Companies do press tours and hold press events all the time and unless they fly me out there, which does happen on occasion -- I'm in central Ohio chillin with the Governor. And the deer.

So, expect to see some previews popping up soon on various other websites about hands on time with FIFA and Live 2009 and when you do think about me and the fact that I really did want to see those games but that I am way too cheap to buy a plane ticket.