Sunday, August 3, 2008

Round 2 Quick Note

I'm doing rnd 2 right now and wanted to share real quick.

We're at pick #45 and I was approached again to trade. I don't have a 2nd rnd pick with the Browns and I moved next year's 2nd round pick and a 6th rnd pick to get back into round 2, pick #45.

Stewart is still sitting there. I then noticed an error that needs to be addressed with the roster patch. Stewart is listed at 5'9 170 pounds, which is about oh...sixty pounds light. ;) I see why he's still there. I don't want him either. His negatives are size and durability. They have him as a scat back who can't stay on the field. Uh...pass.

Now during the scouting combine, pro days, etc. you can increase your "Percent scouted" number for every player. Unlike some games, where if you don't scout a player you have NO IDEA what they're able to do (which is completely silly), here you do get some clue, it's just the more time you spend, the more the % goes up.

My GM said Ray Rice was a potential steal, so I scouted him, interviewed him , saw him at the Sr Bowl. and went to Rutgers' pro day. Ray is 100% scouted and is listed as an 81 overall with pros as "Toughness and vision" while his negatives are "elusiveness" and "upside" -- I guess that means he is what he is.

Jamal Lewis needs a number two and Ray fits that bill and he'll never get back to me so the full court press scout job came through and I got myself a dependable running back as a result.

However, my GM implored me to take the WR from Kansas State, Jordy Nelson. And, all things considered I would take him as my WR depth is crap, but for testing purposes I'm taking Rice just to see how he works out since I scouted him so much.

After taking Rice, my rating with my GM dropped. I guess that pick pissed him off, eh?