Friday, August 8, 2008

Browns 40 Redskins 21

Finishing up Madden for the night and this was a weird one. I was down 21-20 at half and this is the first time I have shut a team out in a half in Madden 09. The reason? 5 picks.

Campbell was 19/32 316 3 TD 5 INT.

The vast majority of the incompletions were due to catching the ball out of bounds. Well, and the 5 INTs.

The reason for the picks was for some reason the AI went deeper this game than it usually does. Playbook, maybe? The passes all were not moonballs as I mentioned in the earlier post. I dunno what was going on. Portis carried only 16 times for 41 yards.

Anderson was 20/30 227 2 TD 2 INT and Lewis had 30 carries for 112.

The story of the game was the turnovers, though. I think Brandon McDonald my 2nd year CB has like 6 picks in 6 games. Dude is a machine.