Friday, August 1, 2008

NFL Head Coach and Technical Difficulties

If you are reading this tonight you are most likely not using IE7. Blogger appears to be bugabooed right now. If you CAN read this -- here's some early Head Coach thoughts:

This might be too much game for me! I’m going to be simulating a lot of the day to day stuff because it’s info overload! The day to day grind I find boring. But the tasks are cool – My GM told me to trade a LB on the roster. And I was approached by Philly with a trade that I declined but we went back and forth 3 times in negotiations.

But the game is pretty cool.

The engine looks like Madden PS2 but in HD. This is NOT the 360 game in coach mode. Graphics are way different.

On the first play Jamal Lewis took a draw play 70 yards for a TD and I was thinking, "oh boy..." That isn't an ideal first impression, eh? But for the rest of the half he was held in check for the most part. I played one half and Lewis came out after the first quarter (preseason) and had 6 carries for 97 yards.

Derek Anderson overthrew THREE receivers! I almost cried with joy. Anderson played the first quarter of the Jets preseason game and was 5/8 for 50 yards and a TD. The Jets QB, Clemmons, same deal – he actually missed an open receiver on a deep fade route that landed 5 yards out of bounds. Now answer me this: why can this engine do that and the new one can't/won't? Why do the guys making Madden refuse to put poor throws in the game? Anderson throwing a pass too high for Braylon on a 18 yard deep post -- would that really upset Madden gamers?

Anyway, I can’t find a camera angle I like yet and the rosters are *bad* ratings wise -- Ken Dorsey better than Brady Quinn and the Browns 3rd round pick out of Mizzou (TE named Rucker) is rated a *23*. A TWENTY THREE! Why is Greg Spires on the Browns roster? He hasn't been in Cleveland in years. I think he retired actually after playing with Tampa. Shaun Rogers is a 78? I know he has that lazy tag but he has PRO BOWL talent. A 78? Damn that's kinda harsh.

Still, lots of potential and I want to get some more time in tonight if I can. There is a TON of into presented and I really have no idea what I am doing right now in the off season practice sessions, but coaching the games is pretty cool and it looks like you can simulate all of the minutiae if you want to.