Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dragon Age Nuggets from Greg Zeschuk

The MTV Multiplayer blog has a new interview up with Bioware's Greg Zeschuk about my #1 most anticipated game of the next year or so: Dragon Age. It's full of juicy nuggets and worth the read if you have even the smallest amount of interest in the game. Here's a snippet:

Multiplayer: You guys are always big on choice in video games. That’s one of the fundamental things that BioWare does. How does choice function in this game and how does it differ than it did in “Mass Effect” which is a lot of people’s last point of reference for BioWare?

Zeschuk: We always think of choice as one of the key things we do. The concept of non-linear fiction or narrative that branches is one of the things that sets videogames apart. We believe it is fundamental to making it an emotionally impactful art-form. “Dragon Age” is similar to our other games in the sense that you are making a lot of choices. They’re big. They’re impactful. I think we may have amped up the emotionality of it a little bit. We feel players will have a very personal experience with the game. .. Because of the way the game works you’re going to have a different feel depending on how you started and the choices you made [in the origin].