Monday, August 18, 2008

Head Coach, Soccer and Tecumseh

Yeah sorry for the slow posts of late. Been kinda busy with work and getting Ashley ready for school and coaching her soccer team.

I really enjoy coaching the 6-7 year olds. We're having a blast. I'm making the practices fun and the kids are really taking to it. The big lesson I have learn3d : No drills that make 6-7 year olds stand in line! Always keep 'em moving.

Anyway, my Head Coach review is written and will go up tomorrow. I ended up giving the game a B+. Yes,. I know of the bugs, the 2-minute offense silliness, etc. But what it comes down to when assigning a final "grade" is how much I'm having.

I'm having a blast. So, B+. If there is a HC 2010 I expect all of the glitches to be fixed just like I expect them fixed in NCAA and Madden but HC 2009 i s a winner in my book despite its issues.

OH -- I totally forgot about this and wanted to mention it. Last week we took Ashley to the nighttime performance of Tecumseh. Man..if you are ever in southern Ohio and want to take your kids to see something amazingly cool -- go see this. Canons, Indians, battle scenes...awesome!