Saturday, August 2, 2008

Head Coach Update

Just a quick heads up re: the ratings stuff.

This is from Lead Designer Josh Looman:

Martin Rucker being a 23 is a bug. I'm fixing that with the roster update. For some reason, I accidentally gave him really low ratings for some of his key attributes. He's fixed now.

I'm also bumping up Quinn over Dorsey. Dorsey is now around a 65 while
Quinn is about a 79.

I bumped Rogers, too but our game is a little different than Madden. Rogers
is rated a little lower because I'm not sure he's a true 3-4 DT. I've heard they
may even play him with Corey Williams at DE. That's how the system stuff works.
Rogers also has a lower learning rating than most because he seems to struggle
picking up new schemes (at least that's what I've read). That will drop his
overall. If you have any other weird roster issues, let me know so I can
check into them Monday.

I would suggest you grab the roster update on August 12th. I promise that
your roster issues will be addressed.


Josh seems very receptive to feedback, as has Ian of the Madden 09 team. I know a lot of guys have bagged on EA for being impossible to directly talk to in the past and I am very happy to see that the team members are getting into the trenches this year. That's a very important aspect of game design that gets overlooked.