Monday, August 4, 2008

Giants 35 Browns 7


Just a horrible game for the Browns. Our backups made Andre Woodson look like a Pro Bowler.
Quinn was sacked 6 times, Anderson was 9/18 for 85 yards and a pick. Just nothing worked all game long. A complete and totally different experience from the Jets game.

The Browns fumbled 5 times in the first half and were called for 7 penalties. I didn't fumble after that and had no fumble issues with the Jets. 4 of my fumbles were by wide outs. Just a bad, bad game.

I saw my first gameplay issue that needs to be addressed via the roster patch or via sliders (the game has the full set of sliders, btw).

FG kick strength is way too low. Kickers are struggling to kick 40 yard field goals. I boosted the slider up to 70-75 and the Giants kicker hit the bottom crossbar on a 50 yarder, which is a bit better, but this is an area that will need tweaked.

Still, even losing was fun.