Thursday, August 14, 2008

Head Coach Injury Bug Update

The latest:

OK guys, we think we have finally figured the infamous injury bug out. Special thanks go out to one of our dev guys who has actually moved on to another team already (Tim Juckett is the man!)...he is the one who figured this whole mess out.

Background for those of you who are not aware of the current injury issue:Some players in your career would all of the sudden never come off the injury report. This was not all the time, it seemed to be random.Well here is what we (Juckett) discovered...If you enter play creator during a career from the coach clipboard, it will turn off injuries [which makes sense cause we don’t want injuries to occur while in play creator.] But because of a logic bug they never get turned back on.

So the injury table becomes frozen, no new injuries will occur and anyone currently in the injury will never come out of it. Good NewsHere is the good news. There is a workaround. You can STILL create plays in-game and that does NOT affect injuries in any way that we know of. You can STILL create plays/formations from front end, and then take that playbook into career mode, also with no injury effects.Bad NewsThe bad news is this, do NOT go into Play Creator off of the Coach Clipboard (both off of the static clipboard and as well when it comes up as a live event in the clipboard itself). If you do enter into the play creator, the current injury bug rears its ugly head.

Bottom line here is this, we are currently looking into fixing this bug via a patch or some sort of game update. However, this is not a guarantee at this point; we are still investigating the logistics of doing a patch from our end...Stay tuned.We wanted to get you guys this information, so we could at least have some sort of workaround here in the short term for you guys. You can still create plays in your career, that functionality still exists thank goodness, which was one of the biggest deals of this whole situation. Hope this helps stop the random injury bug for now. We know this is far from an ideal fix, but it should at least get us beyond the randomness of never knowing if your career was going to get hijacked by the injury bug or not.Now you know how to avoid this at the very least.

-- Donny (HC designer)