Saturday, February 28, 2009

2010 Season Sim

Similar to the first year, stats wise, with 13 teams finishing with team ERAs under 4.00 and the Giants coming in with a 3.24 team ERA. (One team over 5.00 -- the Pirates) What's funky is that I cannot find the other stat outlier(s).

You'd think that with team ERAs being low I'd see another stat that is out of line that is telling me why the teams are scoring fewer runs. But I can't find anything else that looks significantly out of place. Team doubles, walks, homers, batting average, stolen bases...I can't find anything. It does look like that a lot of MRs are having damn good seasons -- lots of guys in the 2.0-3.5 ERA range. Kinda odd and many are playing way over their heads. Mike Lincoln's 2.01 ERA is ...whoa, I wish! And the game has turned Joey Votto into a 40 homer a year beast.

A lot of teams coming in with ERAs under 4.00 is not unprecedented -- baseball USED to be like this. And not that long ago. The pitcher stats look more in line to what you'd see in 1969..or even better 1989 rather than 2009, so while the game is favoring pitchers, in the simmed stats, I dunno how much that bugs me to be honest. I just wish I could find the reason for it in the numbers.

Just to add to the trade thing, I cannot find a screen that shows me JUST trades. I can cycle between league scores, promotions, and transactions, but there's a lot of data inside those -- I just want to see the trades ya know?

Speaking of trades, I have everything set to CPU right now but it will alert me when my team makes a trade. The Reds just made their first trade since the 2009 season -- and it's now June of 2011. Not a lot of movement going on in Cincy.

Oh and the Yanks beats the Cubs...again. This time in 6.

Player progression is looking very, very nice. Saw rookies jump up by 8 to 10 points in ability and old players are hitting the wall -- some faster than others.