Tuesday, February 10, 2009

King's Bounty...Oh Crap

Started playing this Sept. '08 release this week preparing for the expansion and a feature I want to run.

No idea how I missed this game this past fall but...oh crap.

Its hooks are in.

I'm in trouble.


Brandon said...

Harris had been having a bunch of problems with the game crashing during a certain battle, so if you have the same problems, he may have the answer.

bill abner said...

His issues are Vista related I believe

Brandon said...

Yep. Wasn't sure what you were playing it on. Figured you had more sense than to try and play games on Vista, but it never hurts to check. ;)

Dan said...

I picked this up a few weeks back and have been playing it. I can only play it in spurts, the repeat combat aspect of it becomes a bit tire some after an hour or two.

I also am encountering some weird road blocks. On one of the starter quests the one with the werewolf, I can't get to him because the opponent is a hero that is like level 9 or 10.

But really good game.