Monday, February 16, 2009

The 20 Games You Missed in '08

It's live at GameShark today and I think it's a pretty interesting list. This stuff is relative, but 700,000 sales for one company is like 70,000 for another.

It does pose an interesting question: what does cause a game to fail?

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Rob said...

I pretty much agree with most of this least the ones I've played on there. I had fun with the Culdcept Saga demo but never jumped on the full release..I'm still not sure why. It's probably in the bargain bin by now and maybe I'll have to get myself a copy finally. I've also been dying to try Monster Lab. I couldn't agree more on Head Coach. This game shines even more now that we've had the displeasure of seeing that turd of a game that Front Office Manager turned out to be.