Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Todd Has MLB 2K9 Retail Code

I'm asking to see when we can talk about it. Todd has it. We're chatting about it. And we're both dying to tell you about the franchise mode and the stuff we (well, Todd) are seeing.

But we can't. At least not until I hear back from PR.


Jayhawker said...

There are folks posting impressions all over the net today. I'd love to hear about the franchise.

While I play my football games online against live opponents, I tend to play my baseball games solo, and in franchise mode. Although I rarely ever do multiple seasons.

The main thing I would like to see out of franchise mode are managers and GMs that do not completely screw up their rosters and line-ups when injuries and trades happen.

srudoff said...

Chase and TJ are posting stuff on OS - you should be golden

todd brakke said...

I haven't touched in-game play yet. Spent the entire afternoon playing around with franchise mode. If you just want to play single-season play, I think you're fine. I'm not getting into talking about multiple seasons until I'm given the greenlight to do so.

Read into that what you will. :)

bill abner said...

Well, if they are posting, have they mentioned the franchise mode at all? And how it's like, not good?

Jayhawker said...

No, because Operation Sports is filled with kids that want to know what color the Cardinals road batting helmets are, and if there is bunting hung around the stadium during the playoffs.

I would love to hear about the franchise stuff. As I mentioned to Todd in a PM at GWJ, I was kind of skeptical of their new take on player progression. But overall, I'm never overly impressed with sports games AI when it comes to line-ups and roster moves. It always seems to get dorked up.

I was hoping that being able to control all 30 teams will kind of help with that, as it did in the Front Page Sports days.

I wish someone would bring back FPS version of player progression in relation to potential and training.

Bill R. said...

I'm presuming that the Franchise Mode is pretty good.

Craigsca said...

OS is talking about it now. Apparently there are a ton of unsigned FAs each year - not only being left unsigned, but guys that should even be FAs (Tim Lincecum after year two, for example).

Hey, another BROKEN sports game! Big surprise!

todd brakke said...

Unsigned FAs? You mean I shouldn't have seen Prince Fielder, Evan Langoria, Albert Pujols and a couple dozen other guys waste away on the free agent list season after season? Surely, ye jest. That's totally normal behavior, I tell you! :)

bill abner said...

Remember: franchise was a priority this year.