Wednesday, February 4, 2009

SON OF A- (Dragon Age Delayed)

Yes, Bill already posted about this.

No, he didn't say enough, so as usual I have to pick up his slack.

If the best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup (a claim I find dubious), then the worst has got to be waking up to find out that Dragon Age has been put off until the second half of this year. Delays happen. As gamers we're all pretty used to that. So it's not the delay itself that chaps my ass nearly as much as the fact that it's being delayed to release alongside the console versions.

This was the one we PC wonks were supposed to get first. I was supposed to be enjoying Dragon Age on my PC while the consolies were all busy doing... whatever it is they all do when, for once, they don't get the "cool" game first. It was going to be glorious. A reminder of a happier, simpler time when all the great games (ie - stuff that I like) really were only on the PC (Ultima, Baldur's Gate, Elder Scrolls, etc.). It was going to be like rainbows and flowers in Diablo: Perfection. Instead the console playas get the last laugh.


My world is shattered and I will spend every waking day from now until the fall... well, doing other things I suppose. Ah well, at least MLB '09: The Show comes out soon and I'll be able to use my PS3 as something other than a dedicated Blu-ray player/Hulu viewer. What I'll be using my PC for, I have no idea. Porn will probably be involved, though.


Brandon said...

Does history teach you nothing? BioWare did the exact same thing with Knights of the Old Republic. First it was supposed to be a PC game and then it got turned into an Xbox game until finally ported to the PC.

In these trying times, I have to imagine that the user base for a console game has got to be higher than the user base for a game requiring the kind of PC needed to run Dragon Age. It sounds like they're trying to maximize revenue on this puppy.

I remember KOTOR so vividly because it was the game that got me to leave PC gaming behind forever, embrace the console and never look back. I have yet to regret that decision, and announcements like this one only reaffirm the wisdom of my move. Join us Todd. Come to the light. Unless there are three red ones, at which point you're pretty much screwed.

Jonah Falcon said...

I've been playing Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2 on my PC, as well as some older games like Grim Fandango, System Shock 2, Sid Meier's Railroads! and so forth.

I also tried to play MLB Front Office Manager on my PC, but...