Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Madden Awareness Model

I have to hand it to Ian -- Madden 10 may or may not be a great game but his attitude toward showing fans what's going on is refreshing.

And, this is pretty darn cool

Money Quote:

"So the videos really just showcase the technology…not how we implement that technology in our game to actually change the way the game is played. My story above about getting picked off by a DB that can’t see the ball? Well now we can make a DB track the ball realistically and we’ll make sure that he has a true line of sight before he can make a play on the ball. And if/when he gets burned, he can dynamically look down and shake his head with zero new animations or engineering support."

IF this works as advertised you can scratch of one of the most annoying Maddenisms that we see every year -- the blind DB breaking to the ball.

I'm going to talk to Ian soon when he's ready for a Q&A -- but I like this first announcement quite a bit.