Thursday, February 5, 2009

Head Colds R US

Well, me anyway. Sorry for the lack of discussion but I really do feel like hell. Plus it is currently -3 degrees here. Nothing will put me in a great mood like -3 and a head cold. Oh, and both dogs have Colitis again. At least OSU had a great recruiting class. Always a plus.

Finishing up the MLB Front Office review today -- I maintain the "pass on this" advice. It's a lot like the original NFL Head Coach. That is not a compliment. My worry is that 2k will look at the sales and think "bad idea" but a GREAT graphics based GM sim could work -- especially for baseball. But you have to get the important stuff right. The sim crowd will not abide by the stuff this game screws up.

And I'm back to playing catch up before some of the big March games hit the stores. Finished Mass Effect and now King's Bounty is in the rotation (more on this as I get into it). The Dawn of War II beta is OK. I am the rare bird that plays RTS games for the campaigns more than the MP/skirmish stuff so the lack of theme kills it for me in these skirmish games.

I should have the Q&A ready for The Show next week.

And I forgot all about posting how Fallout 3 could make for one great football game. I'll get to that this weekend.