Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why I Haven't Posted About Fallout Football

I was going to do that yesterday and have you all laugh at me but instead Ashley asked if she could play a 'kiddie' MMO called Wizard 101. She saw an ad for it on TV -- it's free (at first) and so we started messing around with it. It is 100% kid friendly in that you can't chat at all unless you turn the chat feature on. If it's off you can't even see what others are saying. If it's off you have to pick from certain phrases.

If you can chat, sooo many things are blocked out. You can't say "honey" or even 'town'. (It's a child predator thing I assume). So after messing around with this easy to play turn based MMO that's like a generic Harry Potter game -- we were both having a blast. So I called the PR firm and got free accounts so we had access to the higher lvl content. After that I was awarded as the:

Best. Dad. Ever.

The game was packed last night -- 3 servers were full. Lotsa kids are playing this, it seems. Mary joined in with us last night and we played until about 11 pM. If you have a kid and want to give it a look -- I'd say it's worth it unless you want to avoid getting your kid hooked on an MMO...which is really something to think about...