Thursday, February 26, 2009

MLB 2k9 - Franchise Mode Fixed On Release Day?

According a dev post at Operation Sports (thanks to Jonah in the comments for the link), there will be a patch for franchise mode on release day. This is great, but...

A) Obviously, they knew about the franchise mode before they shipped and elected not to fix it. So long as there's a patch on release day, I guess that doesn't really bother me. No harm no foul for 99.9% of users, right? Not sure how others feel about that.

B) Just because there is a patch doesn't mean franchise mode is a-okay now. I just got done writing about the fact that it's problems are by no means restricted to the free agency issue. I have to wonder how complete of a fix this will be.

C) Um. I don't actually have a C, but I started this whole neat list thing and it doesn't seem right to leave it at just two letters.