Friday, February 27, 2009

Inevitable Truths

Here are a few things you can set your watch by:
  • At least once per year, someone will confuse me with Bill Harris. I can see why -- we're both named Bill. I mean, duh. We both play a lot of games. We both have blogs. His is much better than this one. We both over analyze sports games. He's more hardcore than I am. Seriously -- he is. Bill runs season progression tests that make the silly shit I do look like the work of a 5th grader with an attention disorder.

  • When playing Left 4 Dead with Todd, Mike, and Billy Baroo, we will die on the finale when playing on Advanced. When the Tank shows, I will flee like a schoolgirl. I'll get cussed at. And rightfully so.

  • Someone, somewhere, will attribute things that Todd says on this here talking-post to me. This is totally unfair to Todd. Todd writes these long, well thought out blog posts -- the man spends time when he posts. When I post it's like a duck mating -- in -- out -- and done. If you're coming here from a link on the Operation Sports forum saying that I'm hating on MLB 2K9 -- I'm sorry -- that ain't me, chief.

  • Every 5 years I will hear someone rag on Gordon Lightfoot in my presence and it will piss me off. Dude...Lightfoot is the man.


Brandon said...

Time for Todd to write an epic, 4000 word post on how much Gordon Lightfoot sucks and then it can get attributed to Bill Harris.

bill abner said...


Dave said...

I'll email Bill H - he's running a 'Gordon Lightfoot Simulation league' at the moment.

Apparently by 2020 his OBP is out by 0.031

(Just kidding BH)