Friday, February 27, 2009

Inevitable Truths

Here are a few things you can set your watch by:
  • At least once per year, someone will confuse me with Bill Harris. I can see why -- we're both named Bill. I mean, duh. We both play a lot of games. We both have blogs. His is much better than this one. We both over analyze sports games. He's more hardcore than I am. Seriously -- he is. Bill runs season progression tests that make the silly shit I do look like the work of a 5th grader with an attention disorder.

  • When playing Left 4 Dead with Todd, Mike, and Billy Baroo, we will die on the finale when playing on Advanced. When the Tank shows, I will flee like a schoolgirl. I'll get cussed at. And rightfully so.

  • Someone, somewhere, will attribute things that Todd says on this here talking-post to me. This is totally unfair to Todd. Todd writes these long, well thought out blog posts -- the man spends time when he posts. When I post it's like a duck mating -- in -- out -- and done. If you're coming here from a link on the Operation Sports forum saying that I'm hating on MLB 2K9 -- I'm sorry -- that ain't me, chief.

  • Every 5 years I will hear someone rag on Gordon Lightfoot in my presence and it will piss me off. Dude...Lightfoot is the man.