Saturday, February 28, 2009

Before Going to Bed...

Got a few (ok, 10) emails from people re: the initial Show post.

You guys know how this works -- I get the game, I play a few games, I type what I see. You read it. I play more games. I post more details. You read them and the cycle of life continues.

I should not be receiving emails from people saying "I can't believe the sliders are broken."

I didn't say that they were. Consider the sample size. Do I think it's worth noting that the CPU Pitch accuracy was still very good with the slider at zero? Yes, I do. I think it's something to keep an eye on--nothing more, nothing less so don't turn my initial ramblings into more than what they are -- initial impressions based on a sample size that is statistically meaningless. The next game I may draw 5 walks and get hit by a pitch. It's like doing a slider set -- you really can't (or shouldn't) play one game and then start messing with sliders based on that one game sample.

In one game Kerry Wood struck out 20 Astros. If you had PLAYED that game you might think "this game has too many strikeouts." The sample size is too small. Way too small. It's the same here -- let's just allow this to play out a bit. I am likely to play this game for about 15-20 hours this weekend. After that, I'll be able to talk about it with a bit more certainty.

The thing is, even if the accuracy for CPU pitchers is a bit too tight, those first 5 or so games were a lot of fun.