Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sweet Jesus I'm An Idiot

I'm getting older...or dumber...most likely both. They say as you get older your brain cells die at at quicker rate so you can chalk this up to biology.

OK all that stuff I said about The Show's sliders...yeah, you can ignore that.

After I made that last post a bit ago, I was about to go upstairs and attempt to crawl into bed without making up my wife. She rarely appreciates the 1:30 AM lumbering doofus trying to sneak into bed.

But as I was going, I saw the PS3 -- "Try me again, Bill. YOU HAVE THE SHOW. Come on. You never use me for anything but THIS GAME and as a Blu-Ray player." "

So I caved.

Upon loading the game and firing up my profile -- the slider settings had not saved. Wait, what?

I will avoid the details as to how I know this, but trust me -- I wasn't saving my slider changes. After removing my forehead from my hand after slapping myself, I decided to start a test franchise with the Reds and played Tampa in a Spring Training game. I again altered the sliders to try to make he CPU throw a lot of balls -- I wanted to see walks -- too many walks if possible and SAVED the changes....

...and promptly drew 4 walks in the first two innings as Garza was all over the damn map, hitting the zone about 50% of the time, tops. That was enough. I turned off the game, and made the slow march back to my office to write this damn blog entry.

So now I really am going to bed, feeling both thrilled and somewhat sad. Thrilled that the sliders in the Show work, and sad that I am slowly starting to lose whatever sense I had to begin with.

Tomorrow is a new day though, right?

We'll start the real Show impressions on February 28th, sound good?


todd brakke said...

u r so dum.

No wonder you didn't survive L4D last night. ;)

bill abner said...

Yeah, that was Darwin Award material.

I'm really glad that I was screwing up saving those settings and that the control thing doesn't appear to be an issue, but I continue to be amazed, every year, when we do these first take impressions that people freak the hell out as much as they do no matter what the game is: NCAA, Madden, The Show, MLB 2K, etc.

The day that (some) people can understand the difference between a 'review' and a guy posting his first few game impressions is the day I will receive total consciousness like Bill Murray in Caddyshack.