Saturday, February 28, 2009

Santana is Good But...

So I started a Reds franchise today to get a feel for the new features in this mode -- played the opener against the Mets.

Santana has a no hitter going against me into the 9th. He's walked 1, struck out 7 and I haven't hit a ball out of the infield. I'm starting to get a bit mad. It's 1-0 Mets into the 9th. He walks Keppinger to start the 9th. I PH for the pitcher and bring in Hairston Jr. -- who promptly takes the first pitch 400 feet to LF.

Reds win.

I wake up my 14 year old sleeping dog with a loud "Yeah!" (I was started to get way can I stand to get no hit in the opener.)

Sanatans IS good, but a walk off is better.

Volquez walked 1, fanned 9, and Santana was unhittable. Until he wasn't.

Nice way to start.