Saturday, February 28, 2009

Strike Zone Tendency Works

I dropped Strike Zone Tendency to zero and the AI pitchers definitely miss the zone significantly more. I only walked once, but I'm so conditioned to having to swing at tons of pitches it was really hard to lay off. The good thing was I was able to get the pitcher to fall behind in the count quite often, which is a huge improvement. Gonna leave that slider at zero for now. Next project, get the AI hitters to take more pitches. They'll lay off pitches in the strike zone occasionally, but not enough (IMO).


Jonah Falcon said...

Posted this in the other thread:

bigfnjoe96 posted:

The sliders posted are for the AI Pitching which I've already have a nice set.. Send these to Bill to test...

AI Pitch Success: 10-25(10 lowest & 25 being the highest)
AI Pitch Selection: 100(10 lowest & 25 being the highest)
AI Strike Zone: 25-50(10 lowest & 25 being the highest)
AI Pitch Zone: 25-50
AI Composure: 75

He should see a nice amount of walks & a nice pitch count from the AI

Edit: fix the AI Pitch Selection Slider info to read 100 & not 10 -25 on Bill's site

bill abner said...

Bill is not playing MLB 2K9.

Jonah Falcon said...

I know. That's a mistake in the cut-and-paste I never corrected.