Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Slacking? Me?

I don't mean to. Really. I have not been watching House reruns all day even though I do love me some House.

It does mean I have been slammed with games -- particularly Dawn of War II which is one of the toughest games to rate...ever. I can see going with a C grade all the way up to an A. It's great, and it's meh. It's decent and it's spectacular.

I have no interest in MLB 2K9 right now. None. The Show, of course, I want to see that, but it's not going to get easier as I have to review The Show, Empire Total War and start work on a baseball feature for Crispy Gamer -- and all 3 games come out on March 3rd.

This has all put a serious cramp in my King's Bounty style, I might add.

Hey here's some news. I saw a mock up of the Totally New and New Century relevant GameShark web redesign. And I actually kinda like it.