Thursday, February 26, 2009

50 Cent and MLB 2K9

I have been tinkering with the review template and we added a small box shot of the game as well as head shots for the writers. I like it. Brandon's Fiddy Review.

Also, Todd is going to spout words of wisdom about MLB 2K9 later today, hopefully. Now that others are forum yapping, we may as well follow suit.

The short version: big name FAs are not being signed by the AI. It's the exact same bug that was in High Heat Baseball 2003. It took Todd about an hour to see this. Our ICQ chat log is pretty funny and I may post it just for kicks. What starts off as a very successful stat engine test turns into: "Khaaannnn!"


Blowtaku Employee said...
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Loren said...

Looks good Bill. Now, the bigger question is whether the new format will translate well to the new site design or not.

bill abner said...

the new design has flexibility, where as this one has none. adding the trinkets I added is easy to do