Saturday, February 28, 2009

MLB 2k9 - Pitching Sliders

I've finally reached the point where I'm tired of watching the AI absolutely paint the zone with their pitches. I've walked once in 8 games. I've gotten to 3 balls -maybe- three or four times (including said walk). So I'm finally breaking down and heading to the slider route, which I hate doing. Here are the pitching sliders:

AI Pitch Success
AI Pitch Selection Tendency
AI Strike Zone Tendency
AI Pitch Zone Tendency
AI Pitcher Composure Influence

Is it just too damned hard to name sliders something clear or at least document what the damn things do? (This is a problem for nearly all sports games.) I have to assume pitch success affects how often a pitcher's pitches get lit up. I don't have the foggiest what pitch selection, in the context of a higher/lower values, means. If I raise it, does he throw his bread and butter pitch more? No clue. Strike zone tendency, I would think, affects pitch accuracy, but then, how is that different from pitch zone tendency? I'd like to know the difference before I change one or the other. As for pitcher composure influence, I know pitcher accuracy can go down if their composure goes, so I have to assume that's what that affects. Also, there's a separate slider for Pitcher Fatigue. I have absolutely no idea which way to move it to make pitchers fatigue more quickly. Logic says lower it to fatigue more quickly, but it's named Pitcher Fatigue, so it's entirely plausible that raising it means more fatigue, right?

Maybe if the manual weren't 12 pages (4 of which are the warranty/license agreement) or if there were a manual in the game (if there is one, I haven't found it), I wouldn't have to write blog posts about figuring out what it all means.


Jonah Falcon said...

I wish developers would remember that 80% of baseball is the batter/pitcher battle.

It's supposed to be a chess match, not slo pitch softball.

Maybe they should devote more time to that than having the Liberty Bell in Citizen's Bank Park.

Jonah Falcon said...

bigfnjoe96 posted:

The sliders posted are for the AI Pitching which I've already have a nice set.. Send these to Bill to test...

AI Pitch Success: 10-25(10 lowest & 25 being the highest)
AI Pitch Selection: 100(10 lowest & 25 being the highest)
AI Strike Zone: 25-50(10 lowest & 25 being the highest)
AI Pitch Zone: 25-50
AI Composure: 75

He should see a nice amount of walks & a nice pitch count from the AI

Jonah Falcon said...

Edit: fix the AI Pitch Selection Slider info to read 100 & not 10 -25 on Bill's site

Rob said...

Dude, I'm a 360 and Wii owner so I have no choice but to be stuck with this game if I want MLB (actually not entirely true, I have OOTP). You have a PS3 and have The Show. Why are you even bothering with this garbage still? I understand if you feel it's your duty to give it a fair shot, but seriously, if I were you I would be placing my cold beer on my 2k9 disc right now so I wouldn't leave wet spots on my table.

todd brakke said...

Because Bill (ie - is paying me bad money to play it and write a review. ;)

Also, I don't want to give the impression that it's a terrible game. It's not. It's a frustrating game because it does a lot of things very well. So did last year's, actually. But just like last year, there are things in this game (and they happen in every game) that are just V-8 moments that really take you out of the fun zone.

But yeah, as soon as the review is submitted, I'm picking up The Show. It's just a superior baseball game. (At least, it was last year and nothing I've heard from Bill makes me think that'll change this year either.)