Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lockup Scenario #3

We can now add to the two weird insert reliever crash on the next inning change issues (both with Hurry Up Baseball enabled) and the magically delicious try to load this franchise and watch your 360 freeze up like Bill trying to drain an uncontested three. There's a new third extra tasty crispy lockup. I'm in my final game of a 4-game series, in the top of the 7th and winning 10-1. This is the first time I've managed to put a real drubbing on the AI on All Star. There's a close play at the plate and I immediately hit replay to get a look at it... something I do reflexively now given some of the weird play at the plate scenarios I've seen. (Note that you lose the ability to watch a replay of the last play as soon as the next hitter comes up to the plate.) The replay HUD comes up and the console locks. (Hurry Up Baseball is, once again, enabled, by the way. Though, not on purpose. I must've accidentally flipped it on when configuring options.)

Game lost.

Patience lost.

I really want to give this game a decent review score because there is fun to be had in playing it, but this is just getting ridiculous.