Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ten Frigg'n Years

One of my all-time favorite movies is Grosse Point Blank. I've probably watched it a dozen times over the years. It's one of those movies, like Big Lebowski, that just never gets old (for me, at least). So, I think this post (Grosse Point Beilein) from Brian at M Go Blog is frigg'n hilarious. If you've seen the movie and recall the scene where John Cusack's character is in the car with Jeremy Piven's and they're arguing about where he's been for ten years, that's the source material for this post. Here's a snippet, but be sure to read the whole thing:

Tourney: TEN YEARS, MAN! TEN! Where have you been for ten years?

MBB: I freaked out… hired Brian Ellerbe. Recruited Avery Queen and Kevin Gaines and Maurice Searight. Got put on probation for kids taking money from a Detroit gambling kingpin. Fired Ellerbe and hired a guy who took a Sweet 16 team that returned virtually everyone and added an NBA lottery pick to the NIT: Tommy Amaker. Recruited Anthony Wright and Kendrick Price and Reed Baker. Turned the ball over on every other offensive possession for six years. The one year I was going to be back everyone got injured and the starting point guard got suspended for some sort of domestic violence thing. Walk-ons started at point guard. Then I hired John Beilein. We have basically one guy taller than 6'5", we still have walk-ons at point guard, and we're here.

That about sums it up. Oh, and Go f'ing Blue!!!!

EDIT: Just found a YouTube clip of the scene. It must be now be posted here. It's a moral imperative.