Friday, March 6, 2009

How I am Going to Get Anything Done?

OK -- here's a snapshot of my week -- starting tonight.

  • 7:45 dinner at Buca di Beppo with an old high school buddy who is in town to see the State Wrestling tourney. I will eat. A lot.
  • 10 PM pick up Billy Baroo at the airport. Billy is here all week -- from Friday through Saturday.
  • Saturday night drive across town to Hilliard to see Dave, Brandon, Jim, and his brother Nate. Dave's a close lifelong friend of mine (from 7th grade, so I guess not technically lifelong) who I never see anymore. He's either playing pool or hanging out at home with his wife. He has no kids and one thing about friends -- if you are friends with someone and you have a kid and they (the other couple) don't, you just don't see them as often. Fact of life. Anyway, Saturday night is board gaming at Jim's with me, Billy, and four other fellas. 6 player game...what to bring...I'm thinking Warrior Knights or maybe we try BattleStar Galactica. I better read the rules...
  • Sunday another old college buddy, Mace, shows up. Mace is one of those friends who has an incredibly important job. Important meaning a job with a LOT of responsibility. The kind of friend who you really, really like but when you see him you are reminded that YOUR job is really pretty damn meaningless. What does Mace do? Well, Mace designed this. In Israel. He was the project lead. "Hi Mace, so how was that building a garden on the side of a mountain and being in charge of a multi million dollar project? Me? Dude I just totally reviewed the shit out of MLB 09 The Show." Mace is staying at his parent's place (he's local). We have room, but it will lessen the madness.
  • Mace also wants to play some games with me, Billy, and Mary. 4-player game -- I WILL play Successor's 3rd edition. On Sunday. I've wanted to play this for a while. The era Alexander the Great I find fascinating. I will likely have to skip Sunday basketball. I'll be so tired from staying up Saturday that I won't mind.
  • During the week I will somehow have to find a way to work with Billy Baroo here at the house. This will prove difficult. I still have Empire: TW to review for crying out loud. Ugh.
  • Friday night -- Todd and Clan Brakke show up. Todd will demand constant entertainment.
  • Saturday afternoon, drive Baroo back to the airport and throw him on a plane.
  • Saturday night, bid Mace farwell and tell him to continue to duck and cover.
  • The rest of the day Saturday will be spent, most likely, gaming with Todd, Angie, and Mary while taking breaks to actually speak to my 8 year old daughter. Hi Ash!
This all starts in 4 hours. Where's that coffee...


Mark said...

Talk about synchronicity - we both love good sports games and we both are going to Buca Di Peppo tonight. (Except I'll be in Palo Alto).

Mmmm, Baked Ravioli, Chicken Parm and love the Cannoli.

bill abner said...

AND we both have a habit of calling it Peppo when it's actually Beppo.

Seriously I call it Peppo for reasons unknown. I even spelled it that in my initial post.

Dan said...

Play BSG it's a great game, especially with a good group of people and that sounds like what you have.

After you get through a turn correctly the game just flies. The biggest issue is everyone is involved in every turn and a lot of people tend to not pay attention.

Loren said...

We just fall it Bucas up here where it all started (Minnesota).

bill abner said...

Buca started in Minny? I never would have guessed that.

Yeah Dan, I think we may try BSG if I can at least get the rules read by tomorrow night. I usually like to do a solo test run before playing something like that but I doubt that's an option.

I REALLY like Warrior Knights with that new add on, though. I'm a big fan of that game.

OH btw Dan -- next time we play a VS game of L4D I'll give you a shout.

Brandon said...

A bunch of dudes together and you're all playing board games. Whoa! Way to party. ;) Course, I'm building garden boxes, so I have nothing to make fun of you about.

Where the frak is my invite? ;)

Mark said...

It's not just us who spell it Peppo. I did an exact match search on Google, and "Buca Di Peppo" is actually on more pages than the correct spelling.

Clearly they spell it wrong.