Friday, March 13, 2009

Gone Quiet (also Road to the Show)

Hey folks, long time no posts. I know. I suck. Nothing too crazy going on, just busy. Very little going on that's remotely blogworthy (which is saying something). The final step in the water damage restoration -cleaning the affected carpets- was done on Wednesday, which meant taking our media/family room completely down again (all the home theater and computer stuff). Not fun, but it's finally, mercifully, over. Yay!

Wednesday night we took in Watchmen. I'll write up a full review in all it's spoilery details next week. For now, I'll just say I liked it. Didn't love it. But I definitely liked it. (Point of reference, I read the comic eons ago and liked it a lot. Re-read it for the movie and liked it even more than I remembered.) I need to see it again. The stuff I've read people complain about, I can definitely see. But there's so much great stuff in there too, and -unlike some others- I admire it's faithfulness to the comic.

Been playing a little bit of The Show here and there. Mostly Road to the Show (RTTS) stuff. I abandoned a game I had going as a SS because everything I was allowed to field was a grounder. No liners, no pop-ups. Nothing. That's after about a dozen games appeared in. Weird. Started a CF last night and that's been a bit better, but I'm not sure I like how RTTS does the fielding. It only lets you see the plays that involve your player in some capacity, so you spend as much time watching a "fast-forwarding to the next event" screen as much as actually playing. I think I'd prefer that I was able to see each play unfold. It would create more tension because, as it stands, you know a play is going to involve you just by virtue of the fact that the game is showing you the event at all. Granted, having to watch every pitch, waiting on your four to six opportunities in a game to make a play would be boring. But surely some kind of a one-pitch mode that just shows you each ball put into play would work better? Most likely, if I continue with RTTS, I'll end up just going back to pitching, which has a much better flow to it.

Anyway, we're all packed up here for a weekend visit to Abnerland. It's like a weekend spent at Neverland Ranch, only without the big amusement park rides. And, I hope, without the sodomy. (Ahem.) I always look forward to these annual trips as it's great to get out and spend a weekend playing non-electronic games. Plus, that Bill Abner guy's pretty okay in his own right. For a Buckeye fan, of course.