Sunday, March 1, 2009

More Quick Notes

So 2012 is done now, and I am starting to see game created players cracking lineups and showing good numbers -- I do think the age model is a bit odd and the retirement model, in my opinion, is based too much on age and not on performance.

In 2012 J.D. Drew led the MAJORS in batting average -- Drew hit .341.

And retired.

It can make it tough on a GM when a player who is playing top level baseball just up and quits because he's now 36 and reconsiders his place in life, or something.

Chipper Jones was back again hitting .323 and 39 homers -- showing absolutely no sign of age at all and it would not shock me to see him retire after 2013.

It's not all bad in that the players are retiring anywhere from 35 to 40+ years old, but they aren't slowing down, performance wise, enough for my taste. Madden has always had this problem, too. It's rare that a game gets this right -- you need to look at something like OOTP for that sorta thing, it seems.

But the young kids are getting better and starting to get into the lineups but we are still at the point in the sim (2013) where the vast majority of players are real MLB players, which is to be expected, I'd say.