Saturday, March 28, 2009

Michele Bachmann Proves Anyone Can Go to Congress

Ok we keep politics here at a minimum. During elections it's hard not to talk about it but most of the time politicians do their thing and we rarely talk about it here. There are other places where you can read about that. But sometimes people -- important people -- say things that make me do a double take and ask, "Wait...what did they just say?"

If you have ever watched The Colbert Report's Better Know a District segment-- it should scare the hell out of you that some of these people (Dems and Repubs both) are actually being elected to office. Is it by default?

Exhibit A is Michele Bachmann. You remember her, right? She's the lunatic that went on Hardball and spoke of some nebulous conspiracy within Congress about Anti American officials and said the media should do some bizarre expose on the topic. Bachmann is McCarthy without the intelligence and tact.

How people like Bachmann, Harry Reid and other complete tools get elected I will never, ever know.

Anyway, the reason for this little post today is that Bachmann has yet again displayed her complete and total ignorance by appearing on the Glenn Beck show and talking economics. First off, you expect Beck to be an idiot -- because he is. Facts is fact, ya know? Beck has yet to meet a topic he doesn't blather on about, regardless if he knows anything about the subject or not. It makes him an ideal pundit. Wrap yourself around the flag, talk loud, even cry if you need to, say things with such conviction that the people who listen to you religiously accept your nonsense as fact. Collect a nice check and do the same the same the next week.

But see --- you expect this from Beck. He's Glenn freaking Beck. He's mostly harmless.

Bachmann is an elected official -- and her complete ignorance on the global economy is absolutely stunning.

The money quote here is this, "Keep in mind that these aren’t just two weirdos hiding out in a cabin somewhere. Beck has a show on a major cable news network and Bachmann has a seat in congress."

Sigh. OK sorry about that. I just had to type that out to get that off my chest. It's cathartic. I feel better now. We can go back to talking about how Elven Legacy keeps crashing...