Wednesday, March 4, 2009

MLB 2K9 Review

Todd's take is live today.

I should have The Show up tomorrow or Friday.


Brandon said...

Look at that sexy picture! What a looker!

todd brakke said...

That's me. 135 pounds of pure stud. ;)

bill abner said...

135 pounds soaking wet maybe.

Jayhawker said...

Nice review. C+ is about right, as well. I really like the game, but I am overlooking some serious warts to do so.

Looks like some folks over at OS think they have an idea about the CPU not taking any strikes. Turns out if you look at the Inside Edge ratings, every single batter in the game is rated a "D" for walks.

I have my doubts that it is really the issue, but it may be leading to an solution that the devs can patch. Who knows?

bill abner said...

They are ALL a D?