Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Madden 10 Blog Update

Ian is at it again.

Some sports gamers get scared when they hear talk of "player momentum" because it sounds great in practice but most gamers want every player they control to stop and start like Barry Sanders and sometimes developers go way overboard when implementing it. IF done right momentum and acceleration can be a big, big deal in helping a game reach another level of realism-- and realism where it counts. (And I think that's an important distinction.)

I said this earlier (I think via my Useless Twitter Feed) but Ian is making me more excited about a Madden game since -- Madden games.

None of this is really an indication of how Madden will turn out -- but damn guys, after reading all these updates and knowing that several members from the NFL Head Coach team are part of this year's design process AND that Ian loves Led Zeppelin AND The Beatles-- how can you not get a little excited?

And fellas, I'm a little excited.

(baby steps..)


Blob said...

Didn't most/all of the Head Coach guys come from the Madden team to begin with? I know the lead designer on HC was a franchise/owner mode designer on Madden back when I interviewed there.

Kevinpars said...

I wish they would send a few of those guys into room where the NCAA guys are programming. For starters, when I turn the interception slider down to zero, please let me go a game without getting a pick 6. All of my DBs are not Deion.