Monday, March 16, 2009

Tonight's Battles BC

Tonight's episode is David the Giant Slayer. Interesting choice. Most do think of David as fighting Goliath as pretty much the only topic worth discussing when it comes to David's battles. Curious to see what they do with that.

As for last week's premiere -- anything talking about Hannibal and I'm in.

I liked the show, not so much for the "300 inspired" glitz but I really enjoy the historians discussing the details of the battles and the personalities behind them. If you want to watch a great, great show on the History Channel find when The Dark Ages is on again. Absolutely brilliant despite the fact that the term 'Dark Ages' is pretty strange. Another historical blip that the History Channel will throw at you from time to time.

The History Channel is good at this -- MOST of the history is solid, but the channel at times uses creative license to the point of..well...they're trying to get people to watch so I get it. People like the style, so it is what it is.

But kids, Hannibal was not this Body By Jake promo that the show portrayed him to be. The actor playing Hannibal looked like a guy taken out of a Bloodsport outtake.

A bust of the real Hannibal.

The WWE Version.

I wonder if tonight the show will portray Goliath as Andre the Giant.

And the end was a bit bizarre -- it goes on for an hour about how bad ass Hannibal was (true) but then leaves the ending hanging after Hannibal leaves Italy and heads back to Carthage. If you didn't know anything about this, you might assume Hannibal NEVER lost to the Romans, instead choosing to simply leave and live the rest of his life across the sea.

But Hannibal most certainly did lose to Rome. At Zama. Africanus saw to that. So how you can do an hour long show about this guy and never even hear the words Zama or Scipio Africanus -- I find a bit troubling from an historical POV.

Gripes like that aside, I'm a sucker for stuff like this so I'm looking forward to tonight's episode.

They better damn well do some Alexander in this series or I'll be bummed. Issus in the house!