Monday, March 16, 2009

Good times, Bad Times

Well, the Crazy Week of Fun and Merriment is over.

For the most part things went just swimmingly. The week with Billy Baroo was filled with gaming, watching the entire first season of Battlestar Galactica, gaming, watching college basketball, and playing Rock Band II. Mace even showed up on Wednesday night and we played games til the wee hours of the morning.

Clan Brakke arrived on Friday (Baroo left Saturday at noon) so we were again able to play some games and generally hang out and catch up. My buddy Dave and his wife wife Katrina even showed up Friday night.

I always enjoy the weekends with the Brakke Brood and this was no exception. We ate Mary's cake speciality. (This is ridiculously good, btw. Brandon -- make this one.) Todd's wife Angie cleaned the entire kitchen Saturday morning (I was floored because Friday was a packed house).

Todd's kids are a riot. I am convinced his boy Kyle will either be an engineer or a a grown man who is simply obsessed with trains like the dude in the Sopranos.

In all, over the past 7 days I played a game of Successor's (you must have 4 players for this to work as intended. This was what me, Billy and Mace played), two games of BattleStar (love this one), a game of 3-player Nexus Ops, Star Wars Duels with Baroo, Citadels with basically everyone, Cosmic Encounter (still trying to get a feel for this one) Rails of Europe (I still rate this an A+ game), and I believe three full games of Dominion -- a game I have wanted to play since I got it for Christmas. Played this one Sunday with Mary, Todd, and Angie. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would.

The downer to the weekend was Ashley. She has been sick since Wednesday night and she has a Dr. appt in an hour. The Dr. fears pneumonia. Her fever has been scaling from 99.0 to 101 and how whatever this is has moved to her chest. So -- off to the Doc.