Monday, March 16, 2009

Finally: Michigan Dances

One of the first things I did after getting home from Bill's Sunday night was to fire up my laptop and find out what seed Michigan received in the NCAA tournament. Nagging cloud of doubt aside, I had myself convinced all weekend that they were in. I found out later Michigan was evidently the "last" team announced. I'm kinda glad I wasn't home sweating bullets over that possible snub.

I'm placing no bets on what this team will do now that they're in (though logic says a team that lives by the 3, as does Michigan, should have a shot at winning a game or two if they can get hot), but these guys deserved this. A scandle-ridden decade spent out of the tournament, banners taken down, wins removed from the record book, the banality of the Tommy Amaker era, a frigg'n 10-22 season last year... it's been humiliating. Given all that, it comes as little surprise that this was the reaction at Crisler Arena during the selection show:

That just felt so damned good to watch. Big props to Dylan of UMHoops for capturing and posting it.