Friday, March 6, 2009

What Do You Know? The Trek Movie Has a Plot!

It took them three tries, but Paramount has finally released a Star Trek trailer that gives you at least some sense of a story. Not a lot mind you, but some, which is really all I ask.

I've been lukewarm to what I've seen of this flick so far. I mean I could care less that they've "changed history" in this movie by doing things like showing Enterprise (I assume) being constructed on the ground instead of in space. I continue to be mystified as to why that sort of thing upsets Trekkies. Even if they're trying to play kind of sort of within the framework of existing continuity, this isn't a remake. It's a re-imagining. Anyway, my concerns are centered more around the notion that so far it's looked like big budget Trek set in the Dawson's Creek universe and, being a crusty old thirty-something, that does little for me. But this trailer, this one finally has my interest. Hopefully it doesn't disappoint. (You can find an HD version here.)