Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Show 2013; Cool Rooks, Retirement Annoyance

2013 is done, and we are now 5 years into this so we should start to see some new faces popping up on the leader boards. And we are.

Batting Avg: There were 4 players in the top 25 in BA in the NL and 5 in the AL -- these are players 25 years old or less (and one straight up 18 year old rook). However, these were all 1st round picks. I haven't seen many picks of the later rounds do much yet. Again, this reminds me of OOTP a few years ago.

Pitchers: 2 pitchers made the top 20 in ERA in the NL; 3 in the AL. One kid won 17 games in his 2nd MLB season.

The Age model is now officially my #1 gripe with The Show this year. I don't have very many complaints but this is one of them. If you have read my notes below you know what I mean -- this is a pattern at this point.

Pujols just retired after 2013 -- not due to injury. He's *33*. He quits after a 41 HR season where he hit .291. Why? I have absolutely no idea. A-Rod retires at 37 after hitting .296 with 47 homers. Jeter hits .317 and calls it a career.

These players are not getting worse fast enough -- not even close in my view. A-Rod at 37 hitting 47 homers and quitting? The players are retiring not because they can't play anymore (which is what the game should do) but because the player hits some age gap and just quits. It's somewhat frustrating if you're a franchise player and want to see these old vets lose some luster and then quit. 47 homers is a shitload of luster, folks.

This is not a game breaker by any stretch, but I don't think I'm going to be the only person who doesn't like how this works.